18.04: "untrusted launcher" -- how to make it *permanently* trusted

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Sun Apr 28 16:32:56 UTC 2019

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Robert Heller wrote:

>At Sat, 27 Apr 2019 08:27:40 -0400 (EDT) Robert Heller
><heller at deepsoft.com> wrote:
>> I recently upgraded a batch of diskless workstations to Ubuntu
>> 14.04 using DRBL.  Everything is working well, except for one
>> small problem:  We have some launcher files (.desktop) files in
>> the login account Desktop folder, but even though they are chmod
>> +x (and some are in fact direct copies
>> from /usr/share/applications) they come up as "untrusted".  (And
>> yes, they are properly owned by the user and group, etc.).  They
>> work, once you click "Trust and execute", but they become
>> untrusted again on reboot.  
>OK, some additional web searching shows that this is a "security
>feature" of Gnome3.  Argh!  This is a serious pain for someone
>managing a batch of desktops (I guess it make some sense for
>relatively brainless people running Linux on their home machines).
>But it makes things difficult for a system admin like me.  I am also
>wondering if the fact that the /home file system is NFS mounted is
>causing problems.
>Has *ANYONE* else had this issue?

Is this (admittedly old) page of any use?


Maybe this one will be of more use:


This seems to be the actual explanation for the issue and it's pretty
horrifying despite the disclaimers that it's all in our best interest:


Now I'm even more glad I use Ubuntu MATE (with the Caja file manager)
and am planning on switching to Kubuntu (with the Dolphin file
manager) shortly. I've never been a fan of vanilla Ubuntu and have
always used one or another of its "flavors" instead.

Little Girl

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