curious thing with Dell boot sequence - Beaver boots but not Dell recovery disk lol

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sat Apr 20 23:10:20 UTC 2019

On Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 08:14:57PM +0000, Mike Marchywka wrote:

> As you may have seen my recent performance concerns, and right now I'm using
> neomutt for reading mail and making progress on my own IMAP downloaded, I just
> bought a Dell Precision 3430- 6 core and 8Gb .. Everything is fast now. Earlier my
> startup CD creator on Ubuntu 11 failed to make anything useful but
> I was able to get syslinux and a manually arranged Beaver to boot
> on old emachines. The Dell latitude and Precision apparently
> do not support "legacy" boots. However, the beaver iso run through the
> Ubunty 16.04 LTS startup CD creator now boots Beaver on both
> Latitude and Precision. However, the Dell recovery media creator
> failed to boot on both systems. I could probably afford to trash
> one system for a while but would like to have recovery media before
> installing Beaver on either system and not sure what to think.
> I can take the working Beaver CD and play with dd etc on
> the more expendable emachines and figure out how it
> works but puzzled how the Dell recovery software would fail.
> I also noted the recovery parition on HD is labelled Microsoft
> reserved or similar lol.
> What is a safe and prudent way to proceed here?
> I'm more or less happy with the 16.04 LTS on the Precision
> but if I have to upgrade I'd like to do it when I can start
> from scratch easily and I've already started to
> use this quite a bit :)

 I guess the Dell Recovery Media just takes longer to boot and has a meaningless
prompt to select from a non-existent menu. It finally came up in recovery mode
from the USB. In Ubuntu 16 fdisk still does not like it... 

In any case it looks like I can make recovery media now so should be able to make 
something work with Beaver on all the machines now.  
I just need to try make a dual boot USB device as I have tied up the 64Gb
stick on a few Gb boot.  If I make the Beaver disk can I  make another partition,
put the Dell recovery image there and kexec into it from Beaver or something? 

How is the Beaver iso assembled? I guess I could get that code and modify
it as needed as it is easier to work that way than with dd and disasembly lol.

> I put the Beaver image on a 64Gb flash and apparently I can
> just use fdisk to make the other 60Gb available.
> However, when I put the 16.04 created Beaver startup disk into
> the Ubuntu 11 machine it was really confused and would not
> let me mount the sole partition which apparently is
> just type "c" the W95 FAT32 LBA.
> Thanks.
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