curious thing with Dell boot sequence - Beaver boots but not Dell recovery disk lol

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sat Apr 20 20:14:57 UTC 2019

As you may have seen my recent performance concerns, and right now I'm using
neomutt for reading mail and making progress on my own IMAP downloaded, I just
bought a Dell Precision 3430- 6 core and 8Gb .. Everything is fast now. Earlier my
startup CD creator on Ubuntu 11 failed to make anything useful but
I was able to get syslinux and a manually arranged Beaver to boot
on old emachines. The Dell latitude and Precision apparently
do not support "legacy" boots. However, the beaver iso run through the
Ubunty 16.04 LTS startup CD creator now boots Beaver on both
Latitude and Precision. However, the Dell recovery media creator
failed to boot on both systems. I could probably afford to trash
one system for a while but would like to have recovery media before
installing Beaver on either system and not sure what to think.
I can take the working Beaver CD and play with dd etc on
the more expendable emachines and figure out how it
works but puzzled how the Dell recovery software would fail.
I also noted the recovery parition on HD is labelled Microsoft
reserved or similar lol.

What is a safe and prudent way to proceed here?
I'm more or less happy with the 16.04 LTS on the Precision
but if I have to upgrade I'd like to do it when I can start
from scratch easily and I've already started to
use this quite a bit :)

I put the Beaver image on a 64Gb flash and apparently I can
just use fdisk to make the other 60Gb available.
However, when I put the 16.04 created Beaver startup disk into
the Ubuntu 11 machine it was really confused and would not
let me mount the sole partition which apparently is
just type "c" the W95 FAT32 LBA.


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