Outlook installation

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 23:02:57 UTC 2019

At first yahoo was very slow apparently because I left in some gmail folders when 
modfiying the config file but it seems good now. I probably want something like
isync however, that and mbsync seem to be in the Beaver repo, to download
everything for a local copy without deleting from server. Not sure
what other things may exist.


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On Thu, 11 Apr 2019 at 20:51, Mike Marchywka <marchywka at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks its fetching the headers now. I'll have to see if google sent my mom a note
> telling her what I did lol.


> Besides google being your friend, I have found that source code is often a better
> documentation source than google even with some excellent forums like the overflow/exchange
> series. If i really wanted to know what any of these things are doing I can build them and profile.
> I'm not going to build a browser on this machine but neomutt is possible.

If you can read it. Mostly, I can't. C-like syntax is now the most
popular kind, and I have always found it impenetrable.

Python is better but all the OOPS stuff blows my mind. :-(

> And if I really want to, I guess I can make up a mime type for my own ideas  and
> test it with local builds :) Curious now what is involved in rendering a latex document
> in email... That sounds a lot worse than html but again the source is almost human readable.

Augh! Rather thee than me.

AsciiDoc is OK. I like MediaWiki markup. I'm looking into Org Mode.

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