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Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 13:35:24 UTC 2019

On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 15:16, compdoc <compdoc at hotrodpc.com> wrote:
> I used Outlook for about 10 years and still support it for customers. It
> has some great features, but the calendar is one of the most used.

Agreed. This is the killer feature -- the integrated address book and
calendar along with email. No other company offers anything quite like

> But because I use linux I needed a replacement and found that
> Thunderbird runs well on Windows and Ubuntu. It has the ability to sync
> its calendar with Google's calendar, so all my appointments and
> reminders are using Google like an Exchange server.

Agreed again.

I use Thunderbird at work, and it's connected to 2 IMAP accounts, 2
company address books via LDAP, and has a company calendar, a personal
calendar and my Google calendar.

At home I used to use it with multiple accounts: Gmail, Hotmail,
Yahoo, my 27 year old CIX account, and any ISP bundled email accounts.
The same app working identically on Linux, macOS X and Windows. I
still occasionally use it on all 3.

> Thunderbird is faster than Outlook and in some ways works better, but
> you have to take some time to learn how to use the gui.

I personally find it easier to use and understand, but it is based on
the Netscape Communicator code from 1997. It is a very "mature" app.
(I.e., it's old.) So although I find its core functionality easy,
simple and familiar, it is very feature-rich -- it is probably the
single most feature-rich email client there's ever been. So things can
be buried and hard to find.

However, it works very well. And it will talk to Exchange _if_
Exchange Server has the relevant industry-standard mail protocols

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