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> > > I would like to just capture the packets on the vboxnet0
> > > interface but that is not an option in wireshark.  Does anyone know
> > > how to trace just the vboxnet0 interface?
> OK, VB fixed. I have a virtual with a bridged interface. The VB
> interfaces are not visible in ifconfig and not visible to Wireshark.
> But by electing to capture on the interface that is bridging (in my
> case wlan0) and filtering on the IP address of the VM, I see all
> traffic to and from the VM, and no traffic that does not involve the
> VM. More selective filtering is left as an exercise for the reader :-)

I do not have a bridge listed in the interfaces on my system, I don't know if
this will make any difference.  I ran wireshark using the "any" link so that
should trace all interfaces wireshark knows about.  There were some entries
from the virtual machine but all of those were going out to the internet. 
There were no trace entries that were only between the vm and Ubuntu.  I
suspect the vm interfaces are not exposed outside of VirtualBox, this suprized
me.  I am going to run a trace in the vm to see what is happening.

I did see some trace entries I did not like.  It appears that Ubuntu contacts a
google IP to test connectivity to the internet.  So now google can track my
traveles where ever I go and I do not like that.  It is not enough that google
captures all the searches I do, now Ubuntu is helping by also giving them my
location even if I neve use google.

Robert Blair

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