printing issues RESOLVED

Brian ad44 at
Sun Nov 25 12:43:06 UTC 2018

On Sun 25 Nov 2018 at 07:18:05 +0100, Gary J. Kirkpatrick wrote:

> Looks like I will need HPLIP to scan.
> Thanks for your assistance!

You do not need the whole of HPLIP. Even if you do install it, it
will not help - you will end up tying youself in knots with printing
(which is working) and scanning. All you require is libsane-hpaio
installed with the command given earlier.

Having said that, you have, very unfortunately, encountered LP Bug

This is the reason for the lack of scanner discovery with scanimage.
It is revealed by your useful avahi-browse output for _uscan._tcp. The
error should show up in journalctl. The TXT record for _uscan._tcp has

ty=DeskJet 3630 series

The first three characters are removed to give

kJet 3630 series  (Check journalctl for this after doing scanimage -L).

and /usr/share/hplip/data/models/model.dat is searched for this device.
It does not exist, which is why you cannot scan. So - we will make it

Edit models.dat and add this section:


simple-scan should now work.


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