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> On Sat, 17 Nov 2018 15:28:29 -0500 (EST), Robert Heller wrote:
> >Have a bit of diversion amoungst optional application packages
> >probably is not going to matter.
> This most, most, most likely true! _But_ even while much, much, much
> unlikely, it isn't necessarily true. Then keyword remains "probably".

Yes, there is always going to be possible problems. This sort of situation is
poorly handled/supported by Debian in general and Ubuntu in partitular --
Debian/Ubuntu is pretty much geared towards machines that are connected to
Internet with a decent bandwidth.

RHEL on the otherhand, uses install media containing a complete repository and
creating a local mirror of updates is a trivial matter of rsync'ing the
repository to removable media. This makes RHEL (and CentOS/Scientific Linux)
the ideal choice for a machine that is either off the Internet or connected
poorly to the Internet (like my home machine with only a Dialup Connection).

I'd would really like to recomend to the OP to NOT install any verison of 
Ubuntu on a non-Internet connected machine.


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