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> On Sat, 2018-11-17 at 14:53 -0500, Robert Heller wrote:
> > See the sentence you quoted: "If this 'Other' computer also has Ubuntu 18.04 
> > installed on it you can do:".  Yes, the presumption is that the networked 
> > machine is running the same release as the non-networked machine.
> While a release model distro isn't that sensitive regarding partial
> upgrades, it still inherits a risk. If the install that isn't connected
> to the Internet has got different additional packages installed, than
> the install connected to the Internet, a partial upgrade is risky.

I'm presuming that the two machines are kept pretty much in sync, at least as
far as the base packages (especially things like common libraries and core
utilities) are concerned. Have a bit of diversion amoungst optional
application packages probably is not going to matter.

> IOW the same Ubuntu release needs to be a default Ubuntu install without
> any additional package installed or both installs need to have the same
> additional packages installed and the cache of the machine installed to
> the Internet must contain all of them. If so, it's required to do a
> full-upgrade. If not, there potentially is a risk that a partial upgrade
> breaks the install. This risk isn't that critical as for a rolling
> release model distro, but even for a release model distro there at least
> is a minimal insecurity doing partial upgrades.
> "Minimal insecure" is similar to "a little bit pregnant", it's not a
> matter of value.

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