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I didn't notice that the OP is a cross-post idiot in the first place.

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On Sat, 17 Nov 2018 13:11:57 +0000, Caipenghui wrote:
>  My computer is loaded with   ubuntu18.04 LTS, but my computer is not
> connected to the Internet, so I can't install GCC online. So I have a
> network in another computer from
> download deb
> into the u disk to install on my Ubuntu 18.04.
>  What's the use of deb? How does deb install GCC?I know that deb
> can't solve the dependency problem, what can we do?     


actually this is a question that belongs to

You not necessarily just could download and install this package, if the
hard dependencies should have changed, too and assuming some
"soname" [1] things should have changed within the dependency chain, you
at least need to download what is marked as "depends" at and everything those
dependencies depend on and so on and so on, too.

Nowadays there's no need to use dpkg or gdebi workarounds, everything
could be done using apt, but the dependency pitfall still remains.

Note! If you download everything required for the gcc dependency chain,
it still could break packages that depend on something of this chain,

An upgrade of something that fundamental without fulfilling
dependencies and dependencies of dependencies and other packages that
depend on it without an Internet connection, is something you should
avoid. OTOH since Ubuntu is a release model distro that apart from
something like browsers stays with major releases, there _should_ be at
least no "soname" issues. Regarding GTK 3 the major release means
nothing at all and breakage usually happens within major releases.
Regarding GCC you probably could upgrade without much worry regarding
"soname" issues, but it's not necessarily smart to do this by ignoring
the work of the distro maintainers.

IOW you could try to run

  sudo apt install /path/to/package

(with an Internet connection, this would replace 'gdebi')


  sudo dpkg -i /path/to/package

but I recommend against both of it.



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