EasyTAG WMA files

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu Nov 15 05:23:06 UTC 2018

Paul Groves wrote:
> I have been through my entire music collection consisting mostly of
> flac files and entered the correct metadata.
> Now I am stuck on the last 3 albums which are in wma format.
> When I open the directory in EasyTag the files do not show up for me
> to edit.
> Does EasyTAG not support WMA?
> If not what program can I use to edit the tags?

Sorry, I can't help you tag the WMA files. I would suggest to convert 
them to FLAC and then tag them as usual. In a terminal a command like 

for f in *.wma;do ffmpeg -i "$f" "${f%wma}flac";done

should do the conversion if it is started in a directory with wma files.


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