Censorship and old less

Colin Law clanlaw at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 17:46:10 UTC 2018

On Sun, 11 Nov 2018 at 17:40, Joel Rees <joel.rees at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2018年11月12日(月) 2:35、Joel Rees さん(joel.rees at gmail.com)のメッセージ:
>> 2018年11月11日(日) 22:42、Colin Law さん(clanlaw at gmail.com)のメッセージ:
>>> To bring this back somewhat to the topic, is there a good reason why
>>> an old version of less is shipped (even with 18.10).
>> [Lots of hot air]
> But of course you know this, Colin. So what were you trying to point out that I'm missing?

Forgetting about the OP (which is the best plan I am sure), I was
actually wondering why Ubuntu is shipping an old version of less,
which does have some enhancements apparently.  Curiosity rather than
any pressing need for it though.


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