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> On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 at 10:54, Peter <petergoggin at bigpond.com> wrote:
> >
> > First programs were written in autocode for a computer using valves with
> an average up time of two hours, then the establishment purchased an IBM
> mainframe called Stretch which was the only true scientific computer made
> by IBM.
> Ooh, an IBM 7030! Nice!
> The first IBM supercomputer, the first IBM transistor computer, and
> the first computer to use instruction pipelining, prefetch,
> speculative execution, branch prediction and recovery, memory
> interleaving, multiprogramming, memory protection -- all standard
> techniques in PC processors since the Pentium and almost all computers
> today.
> Roughly an order of magnitude quicker than any other computer in its
> day, and roughly an order of magnitude more RAM.
> Even so, they only sold 9, I believe, and it was considered a failure.
> History sort of proved them wrong there.
> https://www.cnet.com/news/fifty-years-later-ibms-inventors-celebrate-the-stretch/
> http://www.drdobbs.com/its-not-easy-being-green-or-red-the-ibm/184404433

Heh. Channeling on Don Mclean's Vincent (aka Starry, Starry Night).

Things that work right just aren't meant for this world.

If you want it to succeed in the market, you have to get it out there
before you have it working right.
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