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I guess you first started coding in Fortran, if it was in 1958? Or maybe something else? Just curious!

Have you looked at Gramps on Linux for your Genealogy work? I'd be interested in your views on it if you have.


On Fri, 2018-11-09 at 10:45 +1100, Peter wrote:

Not often I bother to respond to these types of e-mail. People do not

seem to realise just how much they have and need to be grateful for.  I

personally thank all the developers of the various flavor of linux. I

have been using Ubuntu for many years, and while each new version often

presents problems because of changes to the desk top the system is still

much superior to the various commercial offerings.  I should perhaps

mention that I wrote my first computer program in 1958 and have used

computers continually over the last 60 years. I have worked with a range

of operating systems, but since I used the Red Hat version in the late

1980s I have move all of my computers from windows to linux and apart

from one or two programs  ( in the genealogy field) I do not use

windows. I run the genealogy programs using VirtualBox and an old copy

of XP.


Peter Goggin

On 8/11/18 4:47 pm, Gene Heskett wrote:

On Thursday 08 November 2018 00:17:45 MR ZenWiz wrote:

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 3:56 PM Karl Auer <

<mailto:kauer at biplane.com.au>

kauer at biplane.com.au

> wrote:

Indeed. This is my standard response to such muppets:



Bravo and very well said, Karl.  My hat's off to you.


Mark Richter

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And heres another +10.  Well said indeed.


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