Skype requires keyring but keyring doesnt seem to work

Peter Flynn peter at
Wed Nov 7 16:55:45 UTC 2018

On 07/11/2018 16:33, Wade Smart wrote:
> Does discord to video? 

I believe so.

> It asked me to create a password - so I did.

You mean Discord? Or Skype?

> I have tried the one I created and my system password.
> Neither work.


> Ive looked at  tutorials about uninstalling it but its not completely
> clear what if anything it would break in doing so.

AFAIK nothing. If you uninstall Skype then it gets uninstalled. What the
keyring manage does with the key data is opaque to me, as it is intended
to be. I suspect it keeps it so if you reinstall Skype you'll be back
where you started.

If this is the Gnome2 kayring manager, perhaps this helps:

> If I still didnt have a lot of MS based clients - I wouldnt be using
> skype either.

It's a problem. Everyone in business bitches about it, but no-one is
prepared to make the move.


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