Skype requires keyring but keyring doesnt seem to work

Peter Flynn peter at
Wed Nov 7 16:26:49 UTC 2018

On 07/11/2018 14:59, Wade Smart wrote:
> I use skype for certain clients.

I have managed to get this down to one organisation now, and they are so
disgruntled about Skype that I am going to suggest Discord.

> After installing and before I could use it the
> create keyring box came up. I created a password

I *think* that your keyring password is your system password.
What you created there could have been your Skype password.
I had something similar happen to me last year on some system.

> and then went on. Now, each time the keyring comes
> up it will not accept the password. 

Try your system password instead. That should open your keyring, and
that will then supply Skype with its password...

> And while skype is on the notice comes up every few minutes asking
> for keyring access. I do not have a single other app that has ever
> asked for access to keyring. How can you error check this?

Not sure that you can. Keyring is a clever idea, poorly implemented in apps.


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