Boot taking a long time

Paul Groves paul.groves.787 at
Sat Nov 3 15:16:20 UTC 2018

On 03/11/2018 10:26, Tom H wrote:
> What's the unit that's blocking?
> Check with "systemd-analyze blame" and "systemd-analyze critical-chain
> [<unit>]" where/why the delay is.
> You might also want to add "systemd.log_level=debug" to your kernel
> cmdline in irder to get more logs.

The last boot for some reason was quicker at around 1 and a half mins. 
It can be anywhere from about this to 3 and a half mins.

See below the output of those two commands. It seems that 
systemd-networkd-wait-online.service is the problem.

I will have to arrange downtime to reboot the system and change the 
kernel parameters. Although the problem is easily replicable. All that 
needs to be done is install Ubuntu 18.04.1 Server from the normal ISO 
and configure a network bond. Then this happens.

It doesn't happen when you just have a normally configured interface 
though, so I am wondering if it is where the interfaces eno1 and enp2s0 
are disabled in netplan due to being slaves to bond0 the system is 
waiting for them to come up, but of course they never do.

Is there a way in netplan of saying that an interface is optional?


paul at web:~$ systemd-analyze blame
      1min 4.712s systemd-networkd-wait-online.service

paul at web:~$ systemd-analyze critical-chain
The time after the unit is active or started is printed after the "@" 
The time the unit takes to start is printed after the "+" character. @1min 59.079s
└─ @1min 59.079s
   └─apache2.service @1min 35.369s +23.709s
     └─ @1min 34.917s
       └─ @1min 34.915s
         └─lxd.socket @1min 34.890s +23ms
           └─ @1min 34.735s
             └─cloud-init.service @1min 33.499s +1.182s
               └─systemd-networkd-wait-online.service @28.784s +1min 4.712s
                 └─systemd-networkd.service @28.703s +74ms
                   └─ @28.701s
                     └─cloud-init-local.service @5.109s +23.590s
                       └─systemd-remount-fs.service @4.509s +594ms
                         └─systemd-journald.socket @4.374s
                           └─system.slice @4.362s
                             └─-.slice @4.349s

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