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Thu Nov 1 16:52:53 UTC 2018

Hey there,

Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:

>I asked for help at the Tokyo Linux User Group (I happen to live in 
>Japan) and they suggested I should ask here.
>Well, I am very sorry for the commotion I caused and at the same
>time thankful for all the information.

No worries. You haven't caused any commotion.

>I have to confess: I AM using Cinnamon, which seems to be very
>unpopular here.

It can be nice to stand out from the crowd.

>Personally I like its appearance and had so far no problems with it.
>The menu editor too is working on two other computers.

Does it work on the computer that's having the issue if you create a
new user and try to edit the menu while logged in under that account
or does that user have the same issue?

>While most of the technical suggestions are rather beyond my 
>comprehension of computer technology,
>the problem is not really a "problem" - just a little annoying.
>The OS provides the function of menu editing. All I wanted to do is
>use it.

I would definitely consider that a problem and I hope you'll be able
to solve it in here.

>Searching the net I found, that it is possible to install Mate in 
>addition to Cinnamon.

>I will try to do that (when I can find the time) and see what

You might want to try that in a virtual machine, first, to see if you
like it. You'll end up with more menu entries since each has some
programs that the other doesn't and all menu entries will be visible
no matter which desktop you happen to be using.

>Third party packages: I checkmarked a box during installation,
>asking me whether I want to have third party packages
>related to Wi-Fi, graphics, codecs etc. installed. It did not say,
>what those packages are.

Those are important and these two pages have more information about

>> "Users of Ubuntu and officially supported derivatives
>> (Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu) can get support here. Users
>> of derivatives (such as Backtrack and Linux Mint) are not
>> officially supported."  
>I will try not to bother the list again.

Feel free to ask questions here. Even though your operating system
isn't officially supported, you may still be able to get answers.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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