Wiped external hard drive clean by accident

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Hi Doug,

On 30 June 2018 at 19:01, Douglas Pollard <dougpol2 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hell Douglas Pollard here. I was reformatting a few thumb drives that
> were given to me.  I was using G-parted and left my 4 terrabyte "MY Book"
> USB external Hard drive plugged in and  wiped it clean Ubuntu can't see it
> and either can G-parted. AS soon as I relised it was being reformatted I
> panicked and stopped it now it seems there is nothing there.  A friend said
> windows 10 could reformat it but I don't have windows on anything. I have
> notice the progress bar I guess in (Grub 2) that goes across to start
> Ubuntu hesitates  before reaching the end and ubuntu will not start so I
> guess it is trying to read the external drive and fails. Unplug  the drive
> and Ubuntu starts so it seems some thing can see it and is trying to read
> it.?  Any help with this would be appreciated.    Doug

Oo. Painful. I don't know how to get your data back for sure but see

First off, some suggestions for the use of GPartEd.
* Use the "View" menu to switch on the display of device information -
makes it harder to get confused as to which device is what

Whilst checking details for my reply, I stumbled across something...
GPartEd's "Device" menu has an "Attempt data rescue..." option. Make sure
you are referring to the right device before you try this option. Don't
know how effective this is.

However, if you want to get your 4TB "My Book" drive back, and you've
resigned yourself to your data being unrecoverable, you can use GPartEd to
set up your drive for future use. Things to explore in GPartEd:-
* Using the Device menu to "Create Partition Table" and then press "Apply"
(the tick icon).
* Using the Partition menu "New" option to create a Partition and then use
the same menu to "Format to" the partition press "Apply" (the tick icon).



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