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Thu Aug 30 21:41:17 UTC 2018

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 at 22:32, Ralf Mardorf <silver.bullet at> wrote:
> It's missing USB support.

It's from over 20y ago. USB barely existed then.

> It might not be real-time capable

It's one of the best Unix-like RTOSes in the world, used in hundreds
of millions of embedded deployments. It's also the basis of Blackberry

>  and/or
> provides no multitasking etc. pp.

As I said, a full, pre-emptive multitasking microkernel OS, POSIX compatible.

One you have a machine connected to the Web, if you check its IP
address and enter that into any _other_ machine on the Web, you
discover that the 2MB of code _also_ includes a web server as well,
which is serving a page showing a process monitor.

> You only remember the pros, but there were more cons.

I appear to remember rather more than you about this, Ralf.

> The C64 provides better hard real-time MIDI (MIDI is directly available
> by the main bus and due to the limited hardware there is perfect control
> over the IRQ), than a modern PC (Linux or Windows or whatsoever) does,
> but the C64 and similar computers at best provide pseudo-multitasking,
> if at all, no professional hard disk audio recording, if at all, no good
> graphics, no USB etc. pp.

A fairly simple 8-bit does not compare.

> There was no need for security updates of the
> C64 kernel.

There really were, but they only arrived with the C16 and Plus-4, and the C128.

> Due to all that limitations programs could be written in
> Assembler. At that time a bank robbery by computer was easy to do. That
> everything was smaller had some side effects. Keep in mind that old
> machines were not faster. How long did it take to calculate the
> Mandelbrot set with old PCs in low resolution? It took minutes or hours.
> Today we can fly through the Mandelbrot set in high resolution. The
> calculation takes ms or us? I don't know, but we don't need to wait for
> the calculation.


> > ROX-Filer is not ROX.
> But it's the main part, not just a file manager, since the ROX
> philosophy is based on the UNIX file philosophy and it manages panels,
> too.
> That other parts are not available seems to be an upstream issue, not
> caused by the Linux distributions.
> For example, is a dead link:
> "OroboROX
> Submitted by Thomas Leonard on Thu, 2006-01-05 18:30
>     Core software GPL Window management
> Summary:
> a lightweight Window Manager for ROX
> Current stable version:
> Primary author(s):
> Guido Schimmels and Jonatan Liljedahl
> Zero Install URL (drag link to AddApp to install):
> Downloads:
> OroboROX is a lightweight Window Manager for the ROX Desktop. OroboROX
> is in development and not completely stable and could give you problems
> with some applications. But many people are using this as their everyday
> WM, so don't hesitate to try it out!" -


It's long-neglected. I would like to resurrect it, but currently, I
lack the skills, unfortunately.

> IMO we need better widget toolkits, that we could get, by just going a
> few steps back in the development of the current available toolkits such
> as GTK.

There are alternatives.

LXDE and Budgie are both moving to Qt. I welcome the prospect of more
Qt-based desktops.

Enlightenment (and the Moksha fork) offers EFL and AIUI that includes
its own toolkit, albeit with apparently a fairly weird, horrible API:

GNUstep also has its own.

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