"The system detected a problem, do you want to report it?" dialog

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Sat Aug 25 13:56:16 UTC 2018

Am Samstag, den 25.08.2018, 09:30 -0400 schrieb Robert Heller:
> Is there some way to get the system to just display an error message?

you could indeed monitor you logs instead ... 

the two fold setup of the dislogs is there for a reason, the first
dialog only intercepts signals from applications, it does not do
anything else (capturing apps that receive SIGILL, SIGBRT, SIGFPE,
SIGSEV, SIGPIPE and SIGBUS)... it does not do anything else than that
and collecting the respective PID for the crashed process. 

only clicking the "Report problem" button does actually start any data
capturing/collecting for the given PID then which is why they do not
work separately (without a crash signal and PID the second part of the
tool cant really collect anything).

If you say you dont get the second dialog at all ... are you running a
default ubuntu kernel ? IIRC there are some config options and defaults
that are needed for proper error reporting to work at all
(/proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern comes to mind here), a non-standard
kernel might not have all needed bits enabled ...

if you cant find anything in the logs, also, take a look at /var/crash
if there is anything in it ...

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