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Daniel Howard djh at quantifind.com
Thu Aug 23 19:14:10 UTC 2018

In my experience, during install, enter the manual partitioner, then you
can delete the swap partition, and resize other partitions to take that

If you already have a swap partition, you may be able to delete it, and
grow the filesystem to take its place. I think gparted might be up to
making this task fairly easy.

To respond to Robert Heller: I prefer to start without swap. If you're
running a VM, and you run out of memory, you increase the RAM available to
the VM. If you're running bare metal, and you run out of memory, provision
a swap file.

I prefer to "opt in" to swapping. It is usually not needed, and if you do
need it, you can fairly easily add a swap file. If I have to add a swap
file, I take that as a hint that either we need more capacity (more RAM or
more systems) or that the system's favorite applications are leaking memory.

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> Like to ask how do I disable the creation of a swap file during or before
> installation? Using liveusb.
> I am not asking how to disable, delete the swap, ... after installation.
> Regards
> Ming
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