Trouble installing 18.04 server dual boot on laptop

Eric Fort eric.fort.listmail at
Fri Aug 17 07:38:59 UTC 2018

Trying to duplicate the vm host server at work on my laptop. I’m having the following troubles:

The disk is partitioned using gpt partition tables and has a fresh install of windows 10 that created multiple partitions for windows use and left about 36gb or unused free space. I have since created 2 additional partitions in the remaining free space - an ext4 partition to be used as /, and a 16mb swap partition because the ubuntu installer insists that A swap partition exists but seems to care less about if it’s big enough to do a damn bit of good should it be needed. Unless given good reason to have a reasonable sized swap partition I’d like to forgo it entirely as disk space is tight. The bios is set for secure boot and the system boots fine to windows 10 or the usb stick containing the Ubuntu 18.04 server live iso without incident. 

1.  The installer can’t seem to find my WiFi card but insists upon having an internet connection for the install. 

2. The installer won’t seem to allow installation in a dual boot config,  it wants to use the entire disk and install mostly automatically.  I need more control over the install. 

3. The installer insists upon use of a swap partition when I’d rather not. If the machine starts swapping with 16GB of ram I have bigger problems to resolve, like maybe running fewer VMs in parallel.  

How can I resolve these issues I’m having getting Ubuntu 18.04 server installed?  Bonus points if I can automate the install to have exactly the same packages as the vm server at work with the only differences being for things such as network drivers


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