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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Mon Aug 13 17:33:27 UTC 2018

On Monday 13 August 2018 09:18:34 Matthew Crews wrote:

> On 8/13/18 5:47 AM, Chris Green wrote:
> > I'm looking for a simple, efficient way to generate an HTML gallery
> > from a hierarchy of jpeg images.
> >
> > I.e. I have a directory ~/pictures which contains quite a deep
> > hierarchy of sub-directories oranising my pictures organised as I
> > want them.  It's quite big, something like 30 thousand images which
> > total something over 50Gb.
> >
> > I want a way to generate a web gallery with much smaller iamage
> > files (e.g.  maximum image size something like 1024x1024) in a
> > hierarchy with simple HTML (or whatever) to make it navigable with a
> > web browser.  This is 'all on one system', not for export to the
> > WWW, it will just be displayed using the apache server on the same
> > system.
> >
> > I also want to be able to select just a few images and generate a
> > gallery which will be possible to export to a web server.  This is
> > for
> >
> > showing people a few pictures by sending them a link in an E-Mail.
> *snip*
> > So, any ideas for a relacement?
> This sounds like a job for a bash shell script! Alas I'm not a very
> good bash coder (someone else can help?), but it sounds like you would
> want to do this:
> 1. Generate a list of files in a directory (possibly including all
> subdirectories)
> 2. If images are > a certain image size, make a copy and scale the
> copy down to < 1024x1024 in resolution
> 3. Generate HTML code that displays the desired images.
> -Matt

I've mentioned jigl and been ignored. It looks at a directory, generates 
a screen full of thumbnails, with an index.html, which when clicked on 
show a nearly full screen version and in some cases clicking on that 
will bring it to its native size scaled to the dpi of your screen 
complete with scroll bars. To preview how it works poke around on my web 
page in the sig below, quite a few of the links point at jigl generated 

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