Systemd journal getting very large on 18.04 - how to reduce?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Sun Aug 5 14:04:12 UTC 2018

Am Sonntag, den 05.08.2018, 08:17 +0100 schrieb Chris Green:
> The journald.conf(5) man page tells me that the limit *is* 4Gb!  That
> seems crazy to me, who wants 4Gb of journal files?
> The rules (for 'real' disk based journal files) are:-
>     Maximum of 10% of the file system where /var/log/journal is
>     Must leave at least 10% of file system free
>     Absolute maximum of 4Gb
> These might make sense where /var/log is on a relatively small
> separate file system but I'm sure most Ubuntu users won't be in this
> situation (like me) and thus one will always hit the 4Gb absolute
> limit. 
> It just doesn't sound sensible to me.
> Where will I find the appropriate place to request a change
> (enhancement, it's not a bug really)?

an "enhancement" is a "whishlist" bug, systemd-journald (and its
config) lives in the systemd package:

is the place to file the bug ...

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