Printer Problem

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Jan 25 20:58:51 UTC 2017

Peter wrote:
> On 25/01/17 20:07, Nils Kassube wrote:
> > I'm not sure if there is another program apart from CUPS. But maybe
> > the automatic printer detection fails for some reason, so you could
> > try to start the CUPS user interface at
> > <http://localhost:631/admin>.  There you could install a new
> > printer and you should be able to find your network printer
> > (samsung CLP-320N). It will ask for username and password - use the
> > credentials which you use to login to the machine.
> > 
> > See also <> and
> > <>.

> I am running ubuntu 16.04 on all my laptops. So far as I know the
> installations should be identical as I started them all fro the DVD.
> They all have the same software installed  - libre office , virtual
> machine running Windows XP, firefox, thunderbird etc.

Thanks for the info. As the machines all have the same Ubuntu version 
installed, it should really be a question of installed packages or a 
configuration problem.

Can you please try to install the networked printer via the CUPS 
interface and report back about what happens.

Now there are two things I didn't notice earlier. In a previous mail you 

> The situation with usb is complicated. All other programs apart from
> cups can see devices on USB ports, including scanners and
> multifunction HDD unit, external usb disk drives.Virtual machine can
> also see all usb devices including printers scanners and hubs.

Do you mean, Windows XP in the virtual machine can see the USB devices 
while the Linux host can also see them? For some reason I thought you 
were using virtualbox as virtualization software, but maybe that was 
wrong. If you would use virtualbox, the VM would only see the USB 
devices which are assigned to the VM by user selection and then the host 
can't see them while the VM is running. However you asked where you 
could remove a USB assignment, and therefore I think you might not be 
using Virtualbox but something else instead. Can you please tell us 
which virtualization software you use.

And the second question is about the lsusb command we discussed 
previously: When you entered the command on the machine which can't see 
the printer, did you see a line which showed the printer ID? I think 
there should be the manufacturer name (Brother) and probably also the 
printer name mentioned.


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