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Tue Jan 24 22:57:36 UTC 2017

Ok here is what I have found out this morning. 1. I can't login as root even from the server. 2. I can't change the Password to what wpconfig file wants it to be because I can't change the root password. I can't get into the MySQL server through Webmin because password isn't set to where it needs to be. So I believe my steps are. 1. Get the root password for the server change to what I know it needs to be as I have it stored in 1Password. 2. Get the MySQL password changed. 3. Set the database for Wordpress setup probably using Webmin. Although will have to research how Wordpress wants that set or possibly reinstall Wordpress hoping it sets its database up. The message I get on the server is can't connect to database. So my Index.php is getting Wordpress start. One thing that hand strung me with 16.04 is they changed where the my.cnf file was located plus its name. In 14.04 it was in the root directory now it is in /etcmysql and it is called MySQL.cnf.d. That took some search to find that out. But when I looked in that file ther is no password information.
Again any help ideas appreciated

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> On Jan 24, 2017, at 10:35, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:
> Dr. Mikeal Hughes wrote:
>> Ok here is one for you. I tried to enter the command sudo cd /root so
>> I could go in and check the my.cnf file so I could see how my login
>> information for MySQL is set. When I do I get Permission denied. I
>> was asked for my sudo password put it in.
> Try "sudo vi /root/<filename>" or "sudo less /root/<filename>" instead. 
> Nils
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