Clarification please!

compdoc compdoc at
Mon Jan 23 23:46:59 UTC 2017

> Question. If I installed this GUI into my server will I be able to copies
and directories from my backup hard drive to my server Hard Drive?

Yes. You can run  ' gksudo caja & ' in a terminal window to start caja (the
Mate file explorer) in sudo/root mode. But something that needs care using. 

If you have a monitor attached to the server, (the console) you need to add
a couple of more things:

The first command should switch you to your /home directory, so make sure
you are there, then run all of these commands as you, and not root/no sudo:

cd ~
touch ~/.Xauthority
nano ~/.xinitrc

Add the following line, then press control-x to close and save:

exec mate-session


sudo apt-get install xinit

Log into the console and type:


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