Creating a Bios boot partition?

compdoc compdoc at
Sat Jan 21 15:35:50 UTC 2017

On 01/21/2017 06:49 AM, Mike Hughes wrote:

> I believe I have discovered the problem. Apparently when I created the backup I should have disabled the EFI booting. Every time when I ran Boot-Repair I was getting a message to boo from a USB in EFI mode. So apparently when I created my Clone it somehow created a EFI boot area.
When you install Ubuntu with the proper UEFI settings enabled, it 
creates a small Fat32 partition to boot from. Cloning software should 
simply backup that partition and restore it. If you could boot the 
cloning software with UEFI enabled, I assume it understands that mode 
and is able to proceed. So, you should not have to mess with your bios 
settings now...

> Thus when I restored the backup it can't find boot info in the EFI area. I went into set up and disabled EFI. I ran Boot-Repair and chose options my boot info for Ubuntu showed up I then received an option that said GPT detected. Please create a BIOS Boot Partiton (<-1MB I formatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). It says I can use Gparted to do that.

GPT is a different partition type than MBR, and it needs to be the same 
type it was before you cloned. Whenever I've tried to switch from one 
type to the other, it wipes out the current partitions and new 
partitions have to be created.

Here's a gparted screenshot of my partitions in a 16.04 install with 
UEFI enabled. The partition setup should look the same with your 
version. When you restored, it should recreate all partitions that 
existed before. Boot gparted and see whats there...

Can HDClone 5 restore a single partition? Maybe you can try setting your 
bios options to the way they were originally, (when it was working) then 
install a fresh copy of ubuntu to create the correct partitions, and 
then restore only the main partition.

> Question,  this is a 14.04 LTS version. Can I use the latest Server software upgrade to it and repair the MBR without erasing my data from the server like my Wordpress installs?

Personally, at this point I would just grab the /home and /etc folders, 
and whatever folder the Wordpress files are in, and reinstall ubuntu and 
Wordpress from scratch, then selectively copy over the few old settings 
files and other files you need to get it working again.

The HDClone 5 manual talks about so many different options you need to 
set, its a bit confusing.

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