How to Force a Wifi Driver to Be Persistent

Peter Silva peter at
Sat Jan 21 01:08:29 UTC 2017

It would be easier to help if you report what model of intel card you have,
please, from a shell do.
 lspci  | grep -i wireless

You should know that intel is pretty good citizen of open source, and the
drivers from the stock distribution are likely to be pretty good.   I think
downloading a different driver is likely the wrong track.  You may need to
do is research the problem a bit more, and just adjust some settings.  You
indicated that the problem is related to power management.

I googled 'ubuntu 16.04 disable wifi power management', filtering for
answers less than a year old, and got the following:

It's probably better to try that.

to avoid avoiding answering the question you asked... here is the
continuation of your original questions:

The files in /firmware are binary blobs that are loaded by the drivers into
the various bits of hardware.  There are no drivers at all in /firmware.
It's firmware that goes there.   The clue is in the name of the directory.
  Your consistent misuse of the term makes it hard to understand what you
are doing.

Are you copying firmware into the firmware directory? or drivers?  They are
completely different things, installing a driver has little little or
nothing to do with installing firmware.

see what that spits out.

Assuming you have a newish laptop, the correct driver is probable iwlwifi.
  Instructions for that driver are here:

And in there it does tell you how to install the firmware... the
instructions are:

    Installation of the firmware is simply:
    # cp iwlwifi-*.ucode /lib/firmware
    You can now load the driver....

    and lower in the page it gives pointers as to where to download the
driver from.

You see? firmware is not the driver, and even if you install the firmware,
you still need to install the driver separately.   So are you trying to
upgrade firmware? or the driver, or both?  what instructions are you using,
and we need to know the model of wifi card involved.

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 9:06 AM, Bradley Harvey <inflatus at> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Peter Silva <peter at>
> wrote:
>> The driver loads the firmware.   They are not the same thing (firmware
>> runs in the wifi card, the driver runs on the computer to talk to the wifi
>> card, on booth the driver talks to the wifi card, and gives it it's
>> firmware to run.)
>> Normally ubuntu has a firmware downloader that will get the current
>> version from intel.  You should not need to do any of that.
>> Might be better to start from the beginning:  What is wrong, what are you
>> trying to fix?
> My Wifi consistently drops connection to the access point. I have turned
> off the power save option for the device and it will enable itself then
> disconnect after time. I was going to make the power save being turned off
> as persistent but if it continues to come back on during use then there is
> no need.
> All of the drivers I see in Ubuntu are in the /lib/firmware folder. This
> is also where Intel suggested the driver be placed.
> I am not familiar with the firmware downloader. Is it something different
> than the Additional Drivers tab within the Software Update?
> Cheers
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