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On 01/19/2017 04:40 PM, Mike Hughes wrote:

> I am running a Ubuntu 14.02 LTS  web Server tuning Wordpress. I have a plugin that managed Sermon files I put on it I had modified. An update came in for the plugin. Once I updated the plugin I lost my modes. I thought a simple solution would be to restore the server with my backup clone I had made using HD clone 5.
> Now that I restored the Server will not boot. It presents a Grub loader with three choices, none of which boot the Server. The choices I have are Ubuntu, which does nothing but set there. Th other two choices read loading RAM disk and never loads. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? I don't won't to have to rebuild the server.
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It sounds as though by restoring you've lost any changes since the clone 
was created. I've never heard of HD Clone 5 before, but this is from the 

Clone not booting

If the clone (or restored image) of a bootable disk does not boot as 
please consider the following notes:

Does the source boot correctly? If not, the problem is located here.

Ensure that the automatic boot data adjustment (8.4.5 Adjust boot data) is
applied to the target after the copying process has been finished.

Is the file system of the source defective? Check this before creating a 
by running chkdsk /f on the source. Errors on the source file system may 
problems on the target, even if the source seems to boot and work 
Otherwise use FullyCopy (7.1.1 Cloning disks) or 7.1.3 BitCopy.

Is the disk connected to the target system in the same way as the source in
the original system? In case of an SATA port, a frequent mistake is to 
have it
configured as AHCI in the BIOS of the first system and as IDE in the other
system. Some versions of Windows refuse booting then. Change the BIOS 
as required in this case.

Usually,  Windows  is  not  able  to  boot  from  USB  disks. If you have
created a copy of a Windows system to USB, connect the disk as an internal
drive before attempting to boot Windows from it.

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