Is disk really bad if mkfs.ext4 -c -c reports errors?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Jan 11 16:09:41 UTC 2017

On 17-01-11 10:45 AM, Liam Proven wrote:

> SMART can say a disk is 100% perfect and it fails the next day. I have
> had this too, many times.

This may be true, but SMART *should* be able to reliably tell you if the 
hard drive has *already* failed.  The OP is reporting drive related 
problems, but no SMART errors.

*If* those statements are correct as given, that means something is 
going pear shaped in the IO logic path, (for lack of a better name, I 
juts made that up.).  Checking the cable is a good, quick, low cost 
idea, but the problem can be anywhere from a bad chip on the drive, the 
cable, the IO chipset on the Motherboard, bad RAM, or heck, even a 
failing CPU, (though I admit, that last one is the rarest I've ever seen 
for something like this.)

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