lossless compression of still images - recommendations?

Aryan Ameri public at aryanameri.com
Mon Feb 20 00:45:48 UTC 2017

On 20/02/2017 10:51, Dave Stevens wrote:

> The length of time for compression and extraction are not critical
> features. Trying the previous suggestion of tap+bz2 gace a small
> reduction in file size and took a lot longer than tar.gz (by a factor
> of about ten). So really not very worthwhile. I'll try some other
> compression options.

As others have noted, compressing an already compressed binary generally
is not worth it. JPEG is already compressed and lossy, running it though
gz or bzip will do nothing to reduce the size.

What you are looking for is using some film compression algorithm such
as h.264. Those algorithms excel at doing frame by frame comparisons and
then only storing the pixels that have changed. If storage as a movie
format meets your needs, it would be easy to turn the series of jpeg
pictures into a h.264 encoded movie, and the resulting file size would
be tiny. A few million 5MP pictures (frames) would easily fit in a 1 GiB


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