lossless compression of still images - recommendations?

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Fri Feb 17 21:11:50 UTC 2017

Use tar+bzip2.  

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> I'm making a long series of exposures of a landscape where there will be
> only very small (but potentially significant) changes from frame to
> frame. Basically I'll take a 5MP image every 5 seconds for a year, I'll
> want to timestamp the images and keep them all for later
> post-processing, as well as being able to retrieve the image closest in
> time to a specified time and date of interest (which I can't predict.)
> I want the retrieved image to be faithful to the original, so I'd like
> to minimize storage needs by compressing the mostly unchanging parts
> (the landscape won't be moving much.)
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a program to do this?
> Dave

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