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> On 12/15/2017 01:35 PM, Xen wrote:
>> Maybe there aren't even any anymore.
> Right, I remember desktop boards with a graphic chip on the mobo. I
> havent seen that in a long time, but then I havent looked for them

These stupid motherboards have connectors for graphics, but they are 
only useful for you if you have an APU.

So you buy a Ryzen and won't ever use the connectors.

*Cause they're disabled*.

Yes, you can dump a Ryzen in a motherboard with graphics outputs, which 
takes up half of the back panel,

*and you can't use any of it*.

So now *half the motherboards are a no-option* and you *also need to 
change your motherboard when you change from APU to Ryzen.

Come again please RALF with your all upgrade paths available to you. I 
mean LIAM :p lol. Sorry about this :p.


The first ~6 mATX motherboards I have found have connectors for the APU; 
one had no connector and requires a graphics card.

My mATX motherboard from 2009 had 4 dimm slots and 4 PCI/e slots.

These ones have 2 dimm slots and 3 PCI/e slots and are equally 
expensive. And they don't have onboard graphics (just the connectors).

They also don't have TOSLINK or Firewire or HDMI mostly; my board had 
HDMI and DVI and VGA and TOSLINK and Firewire and eSATA.

Reaching the first 78 euro pricerange motherboard... that has a USB-C 
socket as special feature.
The next up with USB-C is ATX at 87 euro.
Onboard graphics connectors that I won't use, and can't use.
A broken product basically.

I always bought cheap motherboards at about 50-60 euro.

The first ones that interested me are now 100 euro.

Almost all have graphics connectors.

Most of them won't use it because you don't buy an APU on a gaming 

But just in case, you know.

What else you gonna do with the backpanel room except provide anything 
useful, you know.

But anyway.

It's a sad state of affairs. 90% of even ATX motherboards have 
connectors for video but the APUs are not fast and you can't use them 
for high end gaming or even mid range gaming and most mATX boards 
(almost all) have only 3 slots.

Only 2 motherboards below 130 euro had no VGA connectors.

So gone is the day of the real ATX motherboads because they all want to 
be useful with an APU, that people won't buy those motherboards for.

Yet if you buy a mATX motherboard now (with 1 exception) (MSI Arctic) 
you have only 3 slots, so upgrading to a discrete card while using an 
APU is no-go for the most part, but upgrading to Ryzen + discrete is 
even worse.

So you can't really use a Ryzen + discrete until you get to the 87 to 
100 euro range.

For me only 2 motherboards that are attractive, one of which doesn't 
have TOSLINK (but 3 connectors I can't use),

the other no PCI and only 2 slots available if you use discrete 

Everything is not great...............

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