video card for new computer

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Fri Dec 15 21:12:44 UTC 2017

Stuart McGraw schreef op 15-12-2017 20:53:

> I heard that games these days are like heroin, once you start pretty
> soon you are hooked and then you end up buying $3000 video cards and
> can't live without the latest maximally over-clocked cpus, weirdly
> angled computer cases with big windows and internal blue and purple
> LEDS, water cooled heatsinks, etc.  Addicts even get so degraded they
> resort to using Windows! :-)

Pff, you are like those people that think that when online dating, you 
have a 60% chance to meet a guy posing as a woman.


> That's why I want something with plain old boring under-performant
> intel graphics.

Well I can't really blame ya in case the APU drivers are so bad, but 
yeah personally I would suggest something with integrated graphics 

Personally in your situation I would go with your original choice 

I just witness that sense of depression or disappointment ;-) I see in 
so many people that initially want something and then when the forecasts 
are bad they immediately buckle down and settle for something less ;-).

> I can always add a fancy amd or nvidia card later but
> I'll have a fallback in case there are problems.

Fallbacks are not bad.

Those workstation graphics cards are not suitable for gaming though.

To get the performance of a €180 euro gaming card (few years ago) you 
need to buy something at least €600 euro.

That is to say that the highest end nVidia cards you have listed are 
about equivalent to a previous generation mid-range (budget for gaming 
cards) gaming card :p.

The P1000 is the cheapest with reasonable performance and can play some 
not so demanding games.

That is to say, with a P1000 or a Quadro 4200 you can play something 
like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft obviously, and even Overwatch.

The cheapest option that still can play these MMOs reasonably well 
including also games like Leage of Legends and Heart of the Storm, would 
be the Quadro 1200 at €400 and which is a locked down version of the 
previous generation most popular entry level card, the GTX 750ti.

Which is still available and costs about 130 euro.

:) :p.

So I shouldn't worry if I was you that you are going to get hooked to 
some recent ultra game ;-).

But who knows, you might give it a shot.

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