video card for new computer

Xen list at
Fri Dec 15 20:35:22 UTC 2017

compdoc schreef op 15-12-2017 20:36:

> But the
> lack of a gpu means I have to waste a pci-e slot, and that keeps me
> from buying.

That's because they've dropped onboard GPU as a result of this, and this 
now bites you.

That's what I was talking about. Had they not had those APUs, there 
would be many more motherboards with onboard graphics.

Maybe there aren't even any anymore.

Before, it was dead easy to have a multi-GPU system at no extra cost.

Now, you need an APU for that, so your choices are vastly reduced.

It's now the choice between Ryzen + discrete GPU, or APU.

This means you cannot easily move from one solution to another.

Not unless you buy both (APU and discrete GPU) but that doesn't make 
much sense either, because if you are going to go discrete anyway, you 
might as well go CPU, thereby losing the flexibility.

80% of motherboards used to have onboard GPU.

Now none have it, and you see what results from that.

You just got bitten by that thing you think is good.

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