video card for new computer

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Fri Dec 15 17:14:35 UTC 2017

Ralf Mardorf schreef op 15-12-2017 14:16:
> Btw. there is a similar thread at
> ,
> see the thread "[LAU] Christmas present for self", for at least one
> very good argument contra Intel, pro AMD: "Intel may be market leader,
> but without AMD it would be an ugly market."

Hey I'm a AMD fanboy.

But he already was looking at an Intel CPU workstation.

My AMD GPU (onboard) 780G or 785G has always worked fine in Linux with 
never an issue.

I am not sure I ever installed graphics drivers for that...

I'm also not sure what will happen today with such a motherboard.

But, they merged CPU and GPU which I think is a very bad idea because it 
is only useful for video acceleration and not for gaming, because any 
APU is not good enough and it takes out the fun of buying a graphics 
card, and you now cannot upgrade your CPU without your GPU and vice 

I thought motherboard GPU was a much better solution.

I avoid APUs.

Also I didn't like the merger of AMD and ATI and they also still operate 
as separate teams with separate cultures.

So, for me that day meant that I grew less fond of ATI graphics 
cards.... (AMD now).

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