power saving

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Thu Dec 14 04:58:21 UTC 2017

Xen schreef op 11-12-2017 18:31:

> Mine is a 90W discrete GPU, so for me the difference is larger.

There is something else that happened with the nVidia driver.

My system now successfully goes into standby.


I have not had standby in Linux for a few years.

It works instantly and comes back instantly, no display corruption etc.

An earlier attempt on a nVidia (ASUS) M2N-E/SLI using almost the same 
chipset as this one (nForce 560 SLI vs 570 Ultra) failed on Linux Mint 
with a 4.4 kernel and a different graphics card though I must have tried 
this card as well....

And I also must have tried Kubuntu on it...

So I can only say I am a bit flabbergasted.

I am also certain this didn't work before (and I believe it doesn't even 
work in Windows).

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