How to coordinate the clock when dual-booting with Windows

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Sun Dec 10 20:19:50 UTC 2017

Peter Silva schreef op 10-12-2017 20:43:

> Without that sort of convention, how would you suggest to arrange a
> meeting of 10 spacecraft initially travelling at different velocities
> in different directions at a given location, velocity and direction,
> at a given time?  They need to agree on a common measure of time, and
> it doesn't matter what it is, but it has to be common.  To do anything
> else would do extreme violence to Ockam's razor.

I guess you're right, but I just find it interesting to consider that 
even time zones are hierarchical units based on a standard agreement 
based on a central longitudinal angle.

UTC is the next step up.

Without it, you only have relative distances.

But my question is: why haven't you solved your time zone problem if 
this system is the way it's supposed to work?

Not just talking about the daylight savings anomaly.

In a relative framework, there is only now.

And there is a physical distance (longitudinal) to other people.

Without time zones, even minutes in an hour would not be consistent.

You would have relative distances from the moment "now" with nothing 
fixed to anchor to except for your own ability to keep time.

It also interests me because the phrase "2004" has a very different ring 
to it than "13 years ago". Ie. it has a different impact on people, one 
causes judgement, the other causes awe.

People only judge absolute phenomena, the mind attaches to it; while 
relative phenomena escape "conclusions".

100 degrees C. is "hot", but not so hot if you just came from 110.

80 years is "old" but not if you are habitually around 100 year olds.

Every judgement based on fixed numbers remains an attachment in the mind 
that to anyone who is a little older must sound very familiar and often 
very untrue.

But I am going to be chastised here for writing off-topic posts even 
though to me this is meaningful for the "local TZ" vs "UTC" debate ;-).

So see you around.

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