How to recover with a full backup?

Volker Wysk post at
Sun Dec 10 16:39:36 UTC 2017

Am Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017, 20:11:43 CET schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> I'm not willing to read the whole thread.
> IMO it's very simple. Backup everything using another install or a live
> media and restore everything using another install or a live media,
> using something simple as e.g.  cp -ai  or  tar  with xattrs.

I'm using dar, which supports differential backups (other than tar).

> The bootloader is an exception, as well as the MBR or what ever you
> are using.
> Bootloader as well as MBR or an alternative to MBR should be separated
> steps.
> IOW if needed format and partition your disk, restore the complete file
> system using copy, tar or whatever and after that install your favourite
> bootloader.

So it (really) is just this two steps. But the second one is a little more involved.

> dd usually is inappropriate, just imagine you need to replace the disk
> by a disk with a completely different geometry.
> Note, GRUB not necessarily is the best choice for the bootloader that
> might fit to your needs. I'm using syslinux, even while it's a PITA, it
> still does cause less pain regarding my needs, than GRUB does.

Thanks for the input.


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