How to coordinate the clock when dual-booting with Windows

Xen list at
Sun Dec 10 16:05:59 UTC 2017

Peter Silva schreef op 10-12-2017 16:57:
> can confirm, at least in older versions of windows, localtime
> (whatever timezone was set) was the time saved in the bios.  Dunno if
> current windows versions have smartened up, but it never used to store
> in UTC.
> I agree that the sensible thing to do is for all OS's to always store
> time in UTC at the hardware level and do the timezone in the OS, but
> that's not how it was done before, might have improved in recent
> years.

No it's still the same.

Personally I think saving in the local time zone is more logical, a bit 
the same as using dead keys for a particular (local) keyboard.

I don't need to be universal.

I'm pretty sure they don't have our keyboards on the Pleiades anyway.


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