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Sun Dec 10 15:54:35 UTC 2017

On 12/10/2017 02:50 AM, Colin Law wrote:

> Boot from live DVD and run clonezilla to clone the old disc to the HDD. 

old disk to the new disk is the fastest way, but you can also have 
clonezilla copy to a file share/nas on the lan. then you reverse the 
process to copy to your new drive.

of course, afterward you'll need to boot gparted and expand your main 
partition, . Might have to delete and recreate the swap partition.

if you use Expert mode in clonezilla, there are options that allow it to 
do some of that automatically, but I always do it manually for best 

Works great with windows, but if the target drive is a little too small, 
you have to take steps and shrink window's main partition first.

To make this process easy, I stopped using LVM long ago and I have the 
installer automatically create using the whole disk.

that usually ends up as:  boot part & main part & swap. For that reason, 
to this day I dont know how to use LVM.
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