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On 2017-12-10 06:33 AM, Xen wrote:
> Phil schreef op 10-12-2017 9:51:
>> On 10/12/17 16:58, Xen wrote:
>>> Phil schreef op 09-12-2017 23:56:
>>>> So, how can I clone my laptop's SSD without a second computer?
>>> You can do so from a live run of any Ubuntu DVD.
>> That sounds like an interesting idea; I'll give it some thought.
>> I don't need a backup, just some way of cloning what I have onto
>> another SSD. Windows is the main problem because I don't have an
>> installation disk.
> I'm not 100% certain CloneZilla works flawlessly with Windows.
> By all means, ensure that when you clone Windows, Windows has shut down 
> completely first.
> Do not backup a "quickboot" 'opened' Windows partition and do not try to 
> use ntfsfix to do it regardless. That is all I can say.
> I should really contact the CloneZilla people about this but I have 
> restored a Windows system and subsequently it failed to persistently (or 
> consistently) boot.
> Maybe ntfsfix does work, but I can't remember.
> So if you do, please ensure you can boot Windows after the "clone" and 
> also ensure you can boot it at least 20 times ;-).
> Also,
> if you clone any LVM physical volumes using Ubuntu 16.04 directly onto 
> another disk in the same system (without using an image, and hence with 
> both disks connected at the same time) be *very* careful not to activate 
> any volume groups, and/or not to run any LVM command while both disks 
> are connected (after the clone).
> 16.10 fixes this, but in 16.04 it is ... tragic.
> Windows also may not "like" having 2 disks connected that have the same 
> partitions. Always remember to disconnect the clone before rebooting, or 
> shutdown ASAP (hard) when you accidentally do boot.
> Cloning disks is risky stuff if you do it directly.
> It is not necessary to use CloneZilla; it just speeds things up.
> You can also just "dd" the entire disk, but the same precautions apply.
> Personally given my bad experience with CloneZilla I would DD my Windows 
> partitions and spend the extra time.
> CloneZilla is just an assortment of scripts with a bad GUI that in the 
> end use "partclone".
> Partclone is probably rock-solid but I just don't know what CloneZilla 
> might or might not do wrong.
> Maybe other people have a different experience but I lost my Windows 
> system this way.
> There is no benefit to using CloneZilla (or partclone) if it was not for 
> the time-savings.
> I mean it just speeds up the process immensely.
> This is all I can say: be warned :p.
Clonezilla works with Windows. Or at least is does with Windows 7.

I have a Dell Optiplex 790 that came with Windows 7 installed on a 250Gb 
drive. I created an image with Clonezilla and then restored the image to 
a new 2Tb drive. I then expanded the image to fill the new drive with 
gpartd. Worked perfectly!

The image is about 11Gb which I can backup on a BluRay disc. This is a 
backup that I can always use to restore the drive to its original state.

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