noauto option ignored in /etc/fstab?

Xen list at
Wed Dec 6 14:30:37 UTC 2017

On Wed, 6 Dec 2017, Xen wrote:

> 2. add a file like
> ---
> #!/bin/sh
> if [ "$1" = "prereqs" ]; then
>     exit 0
> fi
> cp /root/keyfile.bin "${DESTDIR}"
> ---
> as /etc/initramfs-tools/hooks/copykey

It has to be chmod +x.

>     You should end up on a grub crypt prompt that will unlock your /boot,
>     read the initrd and the kernel, start the initrd,
>     which will unlock the crypt again (or for the first time if / is
>     separate) using the key found in /keyfile.bin in the initrd.

If the keyfile doesn't work you will just have to enter your password 

It will still boot.

All of this implies that your /boot and your / are sitting:

a) in the same encrypted LVM

b) in separate partitions but both are encrypted.

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