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Mon Dec 4 06:58:25 UTC 2017

Colin Watson schreef op 04-12-2017 0:51:

> No, that's not so; it uses
> called from

Oh I see.

> It's basically just intended to be dd except with a progress indicator
> that can be hooked into the Debian installer's frontend.

I guess it uses dm-crypt only for crypt devices that the user has set 

Maybe I should have mentioned this was Debian 7.

> There's no
> intent here to do a particularly paranoid shred operation.

Aye, I see from the bug that the block size was the culprit (still bad 
design ;-)).

My apologies.

> Somebody had a go at speeding it up a few years ago
> (, included in jessie and later 
> releases).

Yes that would probably do the trick.

I mean the Debian installer is great, there were just a few "cancel" 
bugs (notably the reading of CDROMs) and to this day (also in Ubuntu) 
any DVD you've used doesn't automatically get added to the apt database 
which may have been the problem in my Debian 7 experience.

I was just reinstalling an older system and getting it back to 7 was an 
old goal of mine :p.

Thank you for your responses.

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