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Sun Dec 3 16:48:44 UTC 2017

Duane Whitty schreef op 03-12-2017 17:25:

> I just checked LibreOffice Writer's configuration capabilities.  Under
> Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> General you can configure LibreOffice
> Writer to save AutoRecovery information as frequently as once per 
> minute
> and to automatically save the document too.  There is also a checkbox 
> to
> always create a backup copy.

So that's why it didn't autorecover. These eternal bad defaults...


What's the use of 10 minutes worth of autorecovery (waiting) if you 
would have manually saved your document by then..... grmbl, grmbl.

They also keep the undo history to an abysmally low 100 characters or 
something and those are per-keypress (or per-character) recoveries.

My undo steps are set to 10000. You have to go into the "expert" 
configuration because they actually _HID THIS CONFIGURATION OPTION_ in 
recent releases.

These bad defaults everywhere is also why Linux is such a mess...

1) shred overwrites 3 times and sfill overwrites 35 times, but
2) libreoffice crashes and can't recover your document, and
3) LUKS is so user-unfriendly that there is no GUI to unlocking drives 
prior to log-in, which renders it impossible to save /home anywhere.
4) libreoffice has 100 undo steps of _characters_
5) Veracrypt can take up to 30 seconds to unlock a drive.

BUT at least the highest levels of the NSA can't uncover our data while 
destroying our harddrives!!!

We are so safe now!

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