name resolution

Xen list at
Sat Dec 2 11:59:43 UTC 2017

Tom H schreef op 27-11-2017 1:52:

> systemd-resolved has another solution. With v235, "_gateway" is
> resolved to the default gateway. It used to be "gateway" but that's
> never worked for me so maybe it's compiled out.

I still feel as though the mDNS thing will never solve the .local issue.

1) .home is even more in use than .local
2) mDNS doesn't prevent .home or any of the others from leaking
3) mDNS solves currently at most 20-30% of that part.

4) there is a burden on the root servers which seems to come down to 
about 2x the capacity required if there was no leakage.

5) this is a lot but in the end does not break the internet.

6) treating that as something vitally important is rather unpragmatic

7) sacrificing local functionality for this non-vital thing is also 

8) you could call it an error in judging priorities

9) unless you "search" for both .local and whatever other domain you 
might be using locally, you cannot have a unified view of your home 
network when certain devices rely on mDNS and others don't.

10) the whole purpose of a local domain is this unified view

11) I wonder how you mDNS + local domain users do this?

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