Kubuntu SDDM kills keyboard

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Dec 1 15:39:35 UTC 2017

Nils Kassube schreef op 30-11-2017 10:19:

>> >> It took away my keyboard and I had again no way to log in to a tty
>> >> and restart it.

At least I can say that either the multi-monitor also prevents me from 
playing any Wine games, in fullscreen mode then,

or LightDM doesn't do a good job.

To Tom:

With "dead" I mean that the numlock light stops responding to numlock 

There is no way for me to test if this is "just" X, but a (blind)

trying to log in to a tty and restarting sddm didn't do anything.

I tried several different keyboards and mice.

On basically all USB ports and controllers.

The issue is caused by DVI-I being connected to an Aten KVM switch,

but I also do something peculiar that I don't want to talk about :p.

In any case I would need to troubleshoot that more to be sure what 

(what configuration) causes the occurance.

Because there are at least 2 variables I can try.

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