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> Robert Heller schreef op 30-11-2017 21:52:
> > Ctrl-S is your friend.  Every 5th keystroke you make should be Ctrl-S.  
> > You
> > should hit Ctrl-S everytime you take a sip of your coffee or tea or 
> > whatever.
> > Everytime you stop and take a breath, you should hit Ctrl-S.  Save 
> > frequently,
> > save often.
> I used to do that when I was using Windows 3.11 because my motherboard 
> was corrupt and the entire Windows environment would crash every few 
> minutes basically :p.
> But it was not fun.

But it is a good habit.  I *still* do it, even though my machines and software 
are quite reliable and crashes (hardware or software) are extremely rare these 
days.  (Although the my editor of choice is MicroEMacs and for me it is 
Ctrl-X,Ctrl-S, I still reflexively hit it every few words.)


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